Quick Answer: Can My Business Have The Same Name As Another In A Different State?

Can two businesses have the same name in different states?

Two Businesses Can Have the Same Name in Different States Because naming rules are limited to one state, businesses formed in different states can have identical names.

However, this can cause problems such as: Customers not being able to tell the businesses apart..

Can two companies in different countries have the same name?

Can two companies have same business name in different countries or states of USA? … Yes, it is very possible if the business name is not trademarked or registered in the same country or state. A trademark has a territorial aspect; it functions only within the country or state where it has been registered.

Is it illegal to use another company’s name?

Even if you’ve trademarked your business, you may not have an infringement case if the other business’s use of your name isn’t harming your business in some way. … Another company’s use of your name will likely only become a problem if you’re doing business in that area of the world.

Can someone steal your business name?

So, while your trademark can be the same as your trade name, your trade name is not a trademark. … And a business who steals or infringes on another businesses trademark can face consequential monetary damages from State and Federal courts if they don’t stop doing it.

How do I make sure my business name isn’t taken?

Use the USPTO’s free trademark database. To start, go to the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Business Center at http://www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm and choose “Search.” Then follow the instructions you see on the screen.

Can 2 businesses have the same address?

The businesses can have the same internal network address range, as long as it is compliant with RFC1918. If the 2 businesses are within a shared business workspace and share the same Internet link then the public address may be shared but their internal ranges would be different. Short answer – Yes ,they can .

Can your business have the same name as another?

Generally, as long as no one else in your state is using that business name, you can call your company whatever you like. Names are doled out on a first-come, first-served basis. … That said, you can run into trademark issues if your business and another’s fall within the same category or are substantially similar.

Can you sue someone for using your business name?

Trademark. Trademarking your business name gives you more protection than just registering it. Once you’ve trademarked it, you can sue anyone who infringes on it. Even a name that’s not identical can infringe if it’s close enough to confuse your customers.

Can 2 products have the same name?

Is there any legal issue with unrelated products having the same name? You are much better off reading into Trademark law than asking a bunch of strangers on the internet honestly. Yes, two companies can co-exist, in separate fields with the same name. For example Apple Computers, and Apple Records, is fine.

What do you do if someone is using your business name?

Enforce Your Trade Mark Rights If someone else is using the same business name, attempt to resolve the dispute by contacting the other business and negotiating a favourable outcome. If this approach is unsuccessful, you can enforce your rights by sending a cease and desist letter.

Can someone use your business name?

You thought you had registered the name of the business as a trade mark, when it was only registered as a business name. Business name registration does not give you any rights to use that name at all, and no protection from other people who say you can’t use that name.