Quick Answer: Is BSc Harder Than BA?

Can I Do Ba after BSc?

Yes of course.

That would be a double under grad.

Do BA first and BSc after or vice versa.

Or you can get a BA degree from regular college and BSc from distance or vice versa..

Which jobs is best for BA students?

Some of the most lucrative BA Jobs opportunities that offer high salary packages in both public and private sectors are listed below:Executive Assistant.Operations Manager.Human Resources Manager.Operations Team Leader.Marketing Manager.Business Development Manager.

Is BA a good degree?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) BA is a 3-year undergraduate degree course in India. … BA courses can be a good fit for almost any type of student after class 12th. This is not only because of the sheer variety of specializations available in the degree but also because of the flexibility in the course curriculum.

Is BSc or ba better?

In general, BSc subjects tend to be more specialised, and may be tailored towards a specific scientific or technical career, whereas BA degrees encourage you to think critically and work across a range of subjects/historical periods and so tend to be broader in scope.

Is a BA easier than BS?

Generally, a BS degree requires more credits than a BA degree because a BS degree is more focused in the specific major. Students are required to focus on studying their major at a more in-depth level. … A Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Sciences are both perceived equally. One is neither better than the other.

Are science degrees harder than arts degrees?

Good grades in sciences are harder to obtain than the same grades in arts subjects, according to prejudice-confirming research in the UK. The Guardian sums it up thus: It’s what scientists have always known: the sciences are harder than the arts and the humanities. Now researchers at Durham University have proved it.