Quick Answer: Is Perfect Money Available In Pakistan?

Which Payment Gateway is best in Pakistan?

Choosing the best payment gateway in PakistanBankSetup FeeMerchant Discount RateEasyPay (Telenor/TMFB)None1% EasyPaisa, 2% EasyPaisa Shop, 3% Credit CardHBLRs.



40,000/-3.5%Jul 22, 2015.

How do I withdraw money from Perfect Money?

Withdraw via Perfect Money:Click Perfect Money in the Withdrawal section of your Personal Area.Select the trading account you would like to withdraw funds from, select your withdrawal currency, enter your Perfect Money account number, and specify the withdrawal amount in your trading account currency. … A summary of the transaction will be shown.

How do I find my perfect money account?

What account number should I use to receive money? To transfer funds, you need to use your account number, NOT the ID number , which is your login. To find out your account number please login to your account. You will see your account numbers within “My Accounts” section.

What is my perfect money account number?

How do I find out my Perfect Money account number? You can locate this after login to your account. There are 4 wallet numbers. One for each of the US Dollar, Euro, Gold and Bitcoin accounts.

How can I check my perfect money account in Pakistan?

To verify your account you need to upload a scanned copy of your ID (passport or driving license), a scanned copy of the utility bill containing your name and address, and to confirm the mobile phone number entered in your user profile.

What is a perfect money account?

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses. Perfect Money targets to bring the transactions on the Internet to the ideal level!

Can I use perfect money in us?

1.25 Use of Perfect Money system by US citizens and permanent residents is strictly prohibited. System reserves the right to block the registrations originating from the USA or from US citizens located abroad due to local laws and regulations.

Can I fund my perfect money account with credit card?

Select the payment system after clicking on the certified partner’s option. Then enter your card details and transfer money. … Do not hesitate to use this information to fund your account without any problems; enjoy absolute financial freedom with Perfect Money!

Is PayPal banned in Pakistan?

PayPal is not banned in Pakistan, it’s just PayPal does not operate in Pakistan yet but people are hopeful that PayPal will start its operation in Pakistan. Now you know all the steps to create PayPal account in Pakistan and you also know how to withdraw funds from PayPal account in Pakistan.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money?

You can purchase Bitcoins directly from exchange websites or you can also purchase Bitcoin from people that sell them through Perfect Money.

Is WebMoney available in Pakistan?

WebMoney Transfer commonly known as WebMoney is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities, established in 1998. Now you can cashout, sell your webmoney in Pakistan and receive instant cash into your any Pakistan Local Bank or in Mobile Accounts, EasyPaisa/Mobicash.

How do I create a perfect money account?

How to Create a PerfectMoney AccountThe first thing we have to do to create an account is to visit www.PerfectMoney.is and click on “Register” to start creating your account. … Once you have put the data correctly, you accept and they will send you an email to the account that in put your real details.

Is WebMoney safe to use?

Webmoney is a money exchange system similar to paypal but based in Russia. … They have plugins for many web stores and online poker sites, making for easy integration.

How much is perfect money to dollar?

Perfect Money USD (PMUSD) live price in US dollar (USD)….PMUSD price chart.Price to USD24h change$ 1.16+0.00%

Can I transfer money from Perfect money to bank account?

Perfect Money is secure internet money transfer system and leading financial service. … Yes, you can sell Perfect money for instant bank deposit to local money cash transfer into your account.