Quick Answer: What Is The Purpose Of Periodic Sentence?

What does periodic mean?

1a : occurring or recurring at regular intervals.

b : occurring repeatedly from time to time.

2a : consisting of or containing a series of repeated stages, processes, or digits : cyclic periodic decimals a periodic vibration.

b : being a function any value of which recurs at regular intervals..

What is a periodic structure?

In literature, the concept of a periodic structure refers to a particular placement of sentence elements such as the main clause of the sentence and/or its predicate are purposely held off and placed at the end instead of at the beginning or their conventional positions.

What is parallelism in writing?

Conjoined items in a sentence must be in the same grammatical form. Parallelism is the matching of the forms of words, phrases, or clauses within a sentence. … Editing your work for parallel construction improves clarity and emphasizes your points.

What is a periodic sentence in literature?

A periodic sentence is a stylistic device employed at the sentence level, described as one that is not complete grammatically or semantically before the final clause or phrase.

What is the opposite of a periodic sentence?

Loose sentences—A sentence grammatically complete at some point (or points) before the end; the opposite of a periodic sentence. Loose sentences which are composed of too many dependent clauses become stringy. The independent clause is followed by one or more dependent clauses or phrases.

What is an example of periodic?

The definition of periodic is something that is recurring at regular intervals, or happens from time to time. An example of periodic is a person’s birthday happening once each year. An example of periodic is a person going to their favorite restaurant every once in awhile.

What is periodic law?

The periodic law states “When elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number, there is a periodic repetition of their chemical and physical properties.”

What does anaphora mean?

1 : repetition of a word or expression at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, sentences, or verses especially for rhetorical or poetic effect Lincoln’s “we cannot dedicate—we cannot consecrate—we cannot hallow—this ground” is an example of anaphora — compare epistrophe.

What is a periodic sentence example?

The definition of periodic sentence is a sentence in which the main clause is given at the end of the sentence in order to create interest or suspense. An example of periodic sentence is “I couldn’t wait any longer, I went to sleep.”

What is the difference between loose and periodic sentences?

A loose sentence makes sense and will stand alone as a sentence even if brought to a close before the period. … A periodic sentence has its main clause at the end of the sentence with additional grammatical units added before this main or independent clause.

What does loose sentence mean?

: a sentence in which the principal clause comes first and subordinate modifiers or trailing elements follow.

Is the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence a periodic sentence?

The first paragraph of the document is one long paragraph. A cumulative or loose sentence adds its modifying elements after the subject, verb, and complement; whereas, a periodic sentence expresses its modifying elements first.

What is periodic sentence and loose sentence?

Periodic sentences—A sentence not grammatically complete before the end; the opposite of a loose sentence. The idea is to throw the mind forward to the idea which will complete the meaning. This sentence arouses interest and curiosity, holds an idea in suspense before its final revelation is made.

What is an example of a loose sentence?

The definition of a loose sentence is a sentence with a main clause, followed by a dependent clause. An example of a loose sentence is “It was obvious a storm was coming because of the lightning, thunder and calm in the air.”

What is meant by periodic function?

A periodic function is a function that repeats its values at regular intervals, for example, the trigonometric functions, which repeat at intervals of 2π radians. … Any function that is not periodic is called aperiodic.

What is a Hortative sentence?

Hortative Sentence: The definition of hortative is a choice of words that encourage action. An example would be: “Just try it at least once!”

What is a choppy sentence?

Choppy sentences are sentences that are too short and often repeat the same words. They should be combined to make longer sentences.