What Are The Divisions In Construction?

What is division12?

Division 12 Furnishings encompasses a broad grouping of objects that are installed in finished spaces and considered to be decorative or fine art.

Used in any type of built space, they may function to support human activity and/or be aesthetically pleasing..

Are cabinets furnishings?

A cabinet is a box-shaped piece of furniture with doors and/or drawers for storing miscellaneous items. Some cabinets stand alone while others are built in to a wall or are attached to it like a medicine cabinet.

What is Division 23 construction?

Division 23 – Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning (HVAC) – Transportation and Infrastructure.

What are furnishings in construction?

Furnishings, sometimes referred to as soft furnishings or upholstery, are components that incorporate soft material and help create a pleasant and comfortable environment, and complement the furniture and fittings inside buildings.

What construction division is concrete?

Division 03 Concrete – Buildipedia.

What is special construction?

Special Construction deals with specialty subsystems. Items usually associated with this division can range from air-supported and pre-engineered structures to darkrooms. … In many cases Special Construction systems are bought and installed by the owner.

What are Division 10 Specialties?

Division 10 is a division of construction that covers specialty products and materials for projects. These are products that don’t exactly fall under other standard divisions….Division 10 Specialty ProductsStorage Specialties.Partitions.Toilet Specialties.Safety Specialties.

What division is wood framing?

Division 06 – Wood, Plastics and Composites Products.

What division is electrical in construction?

Division 26 – Electrical and Lighting.

What are the 16 divisions of construction?

DivisionsDivision 01 — General Requirement.Division 02 — Existing Conditions.Division 03 — Concrete.Division 04 — Masonry.Division 05 — Metals.Division 06 — Wood and Plastics.Division 07 — Thermal and Moisture Protection.Division 08 — Doors and Windows.More items…

What division is HVAC in construction?

Division 23 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) captures the scope of work at a project site which deals with delivering conditioned air to the occupied zones within a building.

What are the 4 types of construction?

The four major types of construction include residential building, institutional and commercial building, specialized industrial construction, infrastructure and heavy construction.Residential Building. … Institutional and Commercial Building. … Specialized Industrial Construction. … Infrastructure and Heavy Construction.

What are the three major divisions of the construction industry?

What are the three major divisions of the construction industry? Building construction, heavy or infrastructure construction, and industrial construction.

What CSI division is cabinets?

Specify Division 12 for your peace of mind. For many people, a cabinet is a cabinet is a cabinet.

What construction division is security?

Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security.

What construction division is drywall?

Division 09 – Finishes – Walls, Ceilings and Floors.

What division is roofing in construction?

Division 07 – Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation.

How many divisions are in the MasterFormat?

50 DivisionsThe information contained in MasterFormat is organized in a standardized outline format within 50 Divisions (16 Divisions pre-2004). Each Division is subdivided into a number of Sections.

What are the CSI divisions?

MasterFormat DivisionsDivision 00 – Procurement and Contracting Requirements.Division 01 – General Requirements.Division 02 – Existing Conditions.Division 03 – Concrete.Division 04 – Masonry.Division 05 – Metals.Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, Composites.Division 07 – Thermal and Moisture Protection.More items…•

What is construction floor division?

Division 09 Finishes is devoted to the basic interior building blocks of a construction project. From walls to paint and ceilings to floors, Division 09 includes the majority of common interior finishes.